Life lessons from Cappy the dog

Hello all, Cappy the dog here. As you know, I have much advice on the world to share. Today, just a few thoughts.

1. Two is always better than one. That’s why I always chew on two bones.

Cappy shows her chewing on two nylabones at the same time skill

2. It’s always warmer under the covers. Also, laptops are great for surfing the web in bed (or updating your momma’s blog).

Cappy on the laptop under the covers3. Finally, and this is my most important lesson of the day, anything filled with stuffing cannot be trusted. In fact, it must be destroyed.

Stuffed tigers should not be trustedIt is okay to take naps though, it’s not like the tiger is going to end the world in the hour you sleep.

Napping while killing the tigerJust make sure you keep it close.


About anycolorbutorange

This blog is about my life, the dog, and my surprisingly frequent thoughts on candy (Rule No. 1: Don't eat the orange ones)
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One Response to Life lessons from Cappy the dog

  1. Jordan says:

    I LOVE THIS DOG. I can’t wait to see her soon!

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