Project Tasteless Challenge #4: What Santa Really Needs for Christmas

Project Tasteless Challenge #4: Sometimes It’s OK to Come Early-The Holiday Spirits Challenge! Come up with a drink recipe that you’d serve for a holiday.

As I approached this challenge, I had the urge to do something not Christmas. Christmas just seems too predictable. I tried to come up with something not Christmas, but it just didn’t feel right.

See, Christmas really is the best time of year, even if you are Jewish. Short story: My sisters and I love us some red and green holiday spirit.

So for the Holiday Spirits Challenge there was really only one holiday for me to turn to: Christmas.

As I mentioned yesterday, I spent an hour at the liquor store trying to “get inspired.” I did. This recipe is based off the Santa Shot. Because, as my boyfriend’s family so eloquently pointed out, after a long night of delivering presents, Santa doesn’t need milk and cookies; Santa needs a drink and some cookies. That’s why they always left out beer and cookies for ol’ Saint Nick.

Well Santa, this is going to be way more satisfying than any old beer. Except maybe this one:

Bell's Christmas Ale

Sure Santa might enjoy some milk and cookies, but here’s What Santa Really Needs for Christmas:

What Santa Really Needs in Clear Glass

1 part grenadine

1 part creme de menthe (green)

1 part peppermint schnapps

~5 parts milk

1 chocolate-dipped mint stick

Pour milk, peppermint schnapps and creme de menthe into a clear or christmas-appropriate glass. Stir together with your chocolate-dipped mint stick until the drink is green. Add grenadine (this will sink to the bottom) and use the mint stick to move the grenadine around so you get red swirls in the drink. Leave out for Santa with a plate of cookies (if he comes to your house…If not, just do what I did and DRINK IT!).

What Santa Really Needs in Christmas-Appropriate Glass

Merry Christmas, Santa.


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2 Responses to Project Tasteless Challenge #4: What Santa Really Needs for Christmas

  1. THIS SOUNDS SO DELICIOUS. I’m really upset I couldn’t make it last night. 😦

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