Pick a season, stick with it. Please. By Cappy

Hello all, Cappy the dog here. I know it has been a while since my last post; it has taken some time to get adjusted to my new home.

As much as I love giving you advice, today is all about my white girl problems. Yep, I keep it real with Rachel since we are both half black.

Cappy the dog

What is with this North Carolina weather? It is all over the place. 70s one week, 50s the next, 80s for a day. Last week it’s 30s, this week: 70s. To shed or not to shed?

I’m not prepared! My coat is not ready. There are limited options for a cold dog…

Cappy wearing a scarf

This is truly ridiculous. North Carolina, pick a season and stick with it. Winter, preferably. I love the snow.

Cappy wearing a scarf


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This blog is about my life, the dog, and my surprisingly frequent thoughts on candy (Rule No. 1: Don't eat the orange ones)
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4 Responses to Pick a season, stick with it. Please. By Cappy

  1. Literal snort at your half-black dog. hahahaha

  2. Rachael says:

    Oh Cappy is cute! I don’t think my dog would let me put a scarf on her. I’m gonna go try in just a minute and take a picture … If she looks fly enough, I’ll post it for you Cappy so you can have a little winter warmth.

  3. Manon says:

    Hahaha….I have a half black dog too, so I LLOL’d….Iowa’s weather has been crazy too! I think we’ve seen at least a 30 degree swing up and down the past month, and today IT”S FREEZING and my prissy half black dog doesn’t like it. I’ve tried to put sweaters/coats/booties on her, but she’s not having it. She just lays down and either won’t move, or scoots on the floor like a worm…….It’s priceless.

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