Project Tasteless Challenge 3: We-Might-Not-Be-Able-To-Buy-Liquor-Before-Noon-But-We-Can-Sure-As-Hell-Dump-It-In-Our-French-Toast French Toast

…This recipe could also be called “I miss my mommy French Toast,” but I have my pride. The recipe is for Project Tasteless Challenge 3: Girls Who Eat Their Feelings Challenge.

Project Tasteless

I have two little sisters. For those of you unfamiliar with sibling rivalry, be it because of only-child syndrome or worse, well-behaved sibling syndrome, let it be known: Mine was a violent home-violent, angry, passive aggressive, active aggressive, verbally abusive, physically abusive home.

Don’t get me wrong – we loved each other very much. We were just the violent type of siblings (we are all very close now, and rarely physical with anything but hugs). The hit-your-sister-with-a-fly-swatter-because-you-weren’t-allowed-to-touch-her-anymore(!) siblings.

Sunday mornings, though, we were one happy family. That was the time for Sunday brunch: Pancakes, bacon, eggs, grits, toast, and/or French Toast. Each sister would have a task (well, us two older sisters would have tasks and the youngest would get her beauty rest). Making the main part was always the best position, be it pancakes or French Toast, and the race to wake up first and claim it was always a brutal one, but it was still Sunday Brunch. It was still wonderful. And who made what (mostly) didn’t matter once we all sat down to eat it.

French Toast Close Up

I never realized how special Sunday Brunch was until my senior year of college.

One Sunday I had a group of friends over for brunch, and I decided to make French Toast. I mixed together milk, eggs, vanilla, cinnamon and coconut rum. My friends made suuuch a fuss.

Cooking French Toast

Long story short, there were certain suggestions about my parents’ relationship with alcohol, and I learned that apparently rum is not a standard French Toast ingredient.

For whatever reason, it took that for me to realize that my family’s French Toast was different. And Sunday Brunch was not something every family did.

So comfort food for me is not about boys at all. It’s about family. No matter how far I may be from my family (currently: 3 hours), dumping rum into my French Toast on Sunday mornings is all I need to have a little reminder of home.

We-Might-Not-Be-Able-To-Buy-Liquor-Before-Noon-But-We-Can-Sure-As-Hell-Dump-It-In-Our-French-Toast French Toast

Recipe serves 2

Whisk together in one bowl:

2 eggs

1 cup milk

1 tsp. vanilla

1 tsp. cinnamon

1-2 tbsp. coconut rum

Dip sliced bread in mixture and cook in greased pan over medium heat, flipping once. You want to brown both sides, typically 2-4 minutes per side.

Top with any combination of: maple syrup, strawberries, coconut, powdered sugar, blackberries.

Note on the bread: you want slightly stale bread so that it will soak up your milky mixture better. We usually throw our aging bread in the freezer and save it specifically for French Toast. Our favorite bread is Challah, but if you live somewhere like Apex (aka, lacking Jews), I recommend sourdough or whole wheat.


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5 Responses to Project Tasteless Challenge 3: We-Might-Not-Be-Able-To-Buy-Liquor-Before-Noon-But-We-Can-Sure-As-Hell-Dump-It-In-Our-French-Toast French Toast

  1. The title of your french toast might be my favorite thing about it. Wish I could’ve been there! Also, I need you to make me some cheesy grits… it’s been too long.

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  3. Manon says:

    Oh I love this! French Toast and Booze TOGETHER?!?!?! Hellllloooooooooo foodgasm!

  4. Emily says:

    bailey’s works well too!

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