Fresh Grilled Corn and Black Bean Salad

Everybody Likes Sandwiches just says yum yum make it now. I made a few key changes to the recipe, and now it is even more important that you make this salad. Fresh corn, grilled in the dressing … oh. my. Few salads will be able to satisfy you ever again (not that I don’t have a few up my sleeve that can do it).

Fresh Grilled Corn and Black Bean Salad

Adapted from Everybody Likes Sandwiches

2 cobs of corn

1/4 red onion, diced

1 red pepper, diced

1 green pepper, diced

1/2 cucumber, diced

1 avocado, diced

1/3 c feta

handful of fresh parsley, basil, thyme

1 can of black beans, drained and rinsed


1/2 c olive oil

juice of 3 limes (should equal approximately 1/3 c)

1/3 c pomegranate juice

1/2 t hot smoked paprika

1/2 t old bay seasoning

salt and pepper to taste

In a small jar, combine the dressing ingredients and shake shake shake. Grill the corn, turning and brushing with the dressing, until it is ready (starts to darken) (about 10 minutes).

Using a sharp knife, slice off the corn kernels and place them into a large bowl. Add in the diced onion, peppers, and cucumber and sprinkle in the fresh herbs. Toss in the black beans, feta and avocado.

Pour the rest of the dressing over the salad and give everything a nice big toss. Give it some time to marinate (30 minutes to an hour). Serves many but double the recipe if you’re serving many more.


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2 Responses to Fresh Grilled Corn and Black Bean Salad

  1. So much work! Recommend a recipe for the cookingly challenged? AKA me.

  2. Ah, yes. I can do that. I am trying to avoid every recipe I make having a grill involved but it’s so hard!

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