How to Secure a Front Seat, by Cappy

Hello all, it’s Cappy the dog. As many of you may know, dogs are frequently banished to the back seat. Well, that is all about to change. Just follow my simple steps and you will soon be in a front seat, possibly with someone to snuggle with!

1. Sit in the back seat and look cute. It will warm the front-seaters up to you.

2. They will try and block you. Just rest your head non-threateningly on the arm. Look very cute.

3.  Creep forward just a little bit more. It says, “I just want to be close to you, but do not worry about any ‘sliding in the front seat action,’ that is just not like me.” Rest your head very heavy on the arm.

4. If you have been resting your head heavy enough, the arm will soon tire and the barrier will be removed. Slide up quickly and quietly. Hold your ground.

5. Stand up, stand strong.

6. Front seat! If you own it, they will let you stay.

Good luck, and happy riding!


About anycolorbutorange

This blog is about my life, the dog, and my surprisingly frequent thoughts on candy (Rule No. 1: Don't eat the orange ones)
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2 Responses to How to Secure a Front Seat, by Cappy

  1. The flip side is when Cappy is scared in the backseat and crawls into your lap. Thanks, dog.

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